Online Therapy Explained

From the comfort of your own home

Choose an environment that you are most comfortable in at a time that suits you

Anywhere in the world

Online therapy can take place from any location in the world, all you need is an internet connected device

Completely Secure

My online therapy takes place over encrypted channels and I use a one time meeting link that only you can access

Online Therapy Client Testimonial

Middle East Based Client

 "Having made the decision to talk to somebody, but living in a country where this service is not readily available, I opted for online 'face to face' sessions. I cannot recommend this man highly enough. Wherever you are, he is there for you and it feels like you are there, but you are in the comfort of your own home. If you don't live close and have been considering online therapy, please go for it. You won't look back, only forwards to your future."